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Today 30 November 2015 in History

1835 - Mark Twain, American author of 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'

1874 - Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister & war time leader

1914 - Charles Hawtrey, Actor; often appeared in the 'Carry On' films

1955 - Billy Idol, Pop star formerly with the group 'Generation X'

1960 - Gary Lineker, Footballer, and former England captain

1944 - Luther Ingram, 'Soul' star of the 60's

1932 - Robert Vaughan, Actor; 'Napoleon Solo' in TV's 'The Man From UNCLE'

1900 - Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet and dramatist, died in poverty in Paris

1936 - In London, the 'Crystal Palace' was destroyed by fire

1964 - Sir Winston Churchill celebrated his 90th birthday

1987 - At auctioneers 'Christies'in London, a painting by Edgar Degas, 'The Laundry Maids', was sold for 7.48 million

1955 - Floodlights were used for the first time at Wembley Stadium, during an international game with Spain

1931 - Columbia records and HMV joined to form EMI

1913 - Charlie Chaplin made his film debut, in the film 'Making a living'

1983 - In Cumbria, near the Sellafield nuclear plant, seaweed contaminated by heavy radioactivity was discovered

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About Tamil Calendar

Tamil Calendar vs Hindu Calendar

By Soosai Prakash A

Tamil calendar is a derivative of old Zodiac calendar now based on modern lunar year system.

Tamil Calendar uses solar calendar system for calculating number days per year and at the same time calculating number of days in a month using sun moving from one Tamil Raasi to the other, making Tamil months to have 29 to 32 days length. In contrast, Telugu (Hindu) uses only lunar calendar…


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