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Today 20 December 2014 in History

1926 - Sir Geoffrey Howe, Former Cabinet minister; now in House of Lords

1957 - Bo Derek, Actress, and Hollywood sex symbol

1946 - Lesley Judd, TV presenter, and one time 'Blue Peter' member

1957 - Billy Bragg, English folk/rock singer

1931 - Skeeter Davis, Country singer

1946 - Uri Geller, Israeli born psychic/illusionist

1894 - Robert Menzies, Australian politician, and former Prime Minister

1860 - South Carolina seceded from the American Union, and joined the Confederacy

1915 - 90,000 British, Australian and New Zealand troops were evacuated from Gallipoli, after being defeated by the Turks

1990 - Eduard Shevardnadze resigned as Soviet foreign minister

1933 - Fred Astaire's first film, with Ginger Rogers as his partner, was premiered in New York

1954 - The English author of the classic book 'Goodbye Mr Chips', James Hilton, died in California

1968 - Prize winning author, John Steinbeck, died in New York ('Grapes of Wrath' & 'Of Mice And Men')

1982 - Artur Rubinstein, the renowned American concert pianist, died in Geneva, aged 95

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About Tamil Calendar

Tamil Calendar vs Hindu Calendar

By Soosai Prakash A

Tamil calendar is a derivative of old Zodiac calendar now based on modern lunar year system.

Tamil Calendar uses solar calendar system for calculating number days per year and at the same time calculating number of days in a month using sun moving from one Tamil Raasi to the other, making Tamil months to have 29 to 32 days length. In contrast, Telugu (Hindu) uses only lunar calendar…


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