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Today 25 January 2015 in History

1759 - Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet

1882 - Virginia Woolf, English novelist

1922 - Raymond Baxter, Broadcaster; presenter of 'Tomorrows World'

1939 - Angela Thorne, Actress

1944 - Leigh Taylor-Young, Hollywood actress

1956 - Andy Cox, Of the Beat/Fine Young Cannibals

1962 - Emma Freud, Television presenter

1995 - The maxium speed limit for cocahes in Britain was reduced to 65 mph

1992 - A selection of America's popular films began showing on Soviet television

1990 - The American film actress, Ava Gardener, died in London

1985 - The first ever international hockey match was held

1984 - The government announced a ban on union membership at GCHQ

1981 - The Social Democrats party was formed in UK

1974 - Dr Christian Barnard performed a heart transplant, leaving the original heart in place

1972 - The Worlds first kidney & pancreatic tissue transplant was carried out in London

1924 - The first ever Winter Olympic games were held, in French alps

1917 - The United States bought the Virgin islands for 25 million dollars

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About Tamil Calendar

Tamil Calendar vs Hindu Calendar

By Soosai Prakash A

Tamil calendar is a derivative of old Zodiac calendar now based on modern lunar year system.

Tamil Calendar uses solar calendar system for calculating number days per year and at the same time calculating number of days in a month using sun moving from one Tamil Raasi to the other, making Tamil months to have 29 to 32 days length. In contrast, Telugu (Hindu) uses only lunar calendar…


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